Erika Kovács

About me

I am Erika Kovács – founder and designer of the brand KE-Fashion. Since I was I child I had a passion for fashion and this dedication influenced my studies and let me found my own company. I am lucky as my job is not just a job, and an old wish came true by opening my own store in the heart of the city. Big steps lead to big dreams!

As a Hungarian designer my main profile is eveningwear, but I also design corporate uniforms and street style dresses. During my work it is a priority to develop personal connection with my customers and to recreate my clients’ personality by the dresses.

For two years I have been dealing with 3D design technology – the one that revolutionizes the initial stage of the designing process and allows the digital try on. As a creative manager it is crucial that my clients understand the complex possibilities of traditional and modern fashion design.
"These dresses are amazing! Erika’s kindness and the high quality of her work is the guarantee that everyone can find her (his) favourite. I will be her regular customer, for sure. Thank you! Expression of femininity! She is just making love-dresses! I can sincerely recommend her brand to everybody! "